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A patron of ‘Preksha Dhyan’, Mr. K.C Jain is the New Age Preksha Master. Born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, Mr. Jain pursued his higher education from Delhi University and is an attorney-at-law; however, he decided to join the premier civil services, where he retired as the Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax.

Early in his journey, Mr. Jain had an inkling of the overpowering impact of thoughts affecting his daily life and after a profound inner revelation, while search and conducting seizure operations, he had a radical change in his belief, that advanced him towards Preksha Meditation.

Later, he began his association with Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra as an Honorary Director and since then, devoted his life to learning, researching and integrating Preksha Dhyan in everyday living.

Mr. Jain’s effort to raise awareness of ‘Preksha Dhyana’ has helped many, reap benefits, including people suffering from cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and more. At the core of the practice lie the cultivation of the soul (nirguna) through the body (saguna).

The essential aspect of Preksha Dhyana is to transcend the material body consciousness through visualization, deep relaxation, internal trip, perception of breathing, perception of body, perception of psychic centre, colour and contemplative meditation.

“ Every problem has a solution within,

we just need to recognise it;

in the ultimate analysis, it’s your call.”

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An influential figure and a connoisseur of Preksha Dhyana, Mr. Jain is known for his commitment to bringing the ancient Indian wisdom with a unique approach to meditation that addresses every contemporary lifestyle challenge.


His meditation techniques are tailored for every age group and professionals— designed to first release the stresses of body and mind preceded by the activities for inner transformation. His solutions are completely natural which promises to empower the subconscious soul to heal the conscious body.

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