Preksha for Corporate

Preksha For Corporates:

For working professionals, especially those in senior leadership positions, effective decision-making is a major challenge. At the same time, the stress that accompanies the responsibilities is one that hampers professionals from realising their full potential.

Increasingly today, working professionals are turning to meditation to deal with stress and improve their efficiency. And it is here that Preksha Dhyaan can help bring about a transformative turnaround.

Clear and concise decision-making, the ability to keep calm under pressure, and effective leadership are among the desirable traits for professionals and these can be enhanced by correcting the energy imbalance in individuals. Preksha Dhyaan has several different approaches which can be utilized to enhance the intuitive power in executives. Chakra meditation and Kayotsarga are two concepts in Preksha which help individuals channelize their energy to develop their intuitive power–the key to successful decision making. Additionally, there are other concepts in Preksha which can be mastered under the guidance of a guru to reduce stress, bring about behavioural change, transform the personality, and improve working efficiency, traits desirable in executives who seek to gain steady progress in their careers.

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