Preksha for health

Preksha for Health:

“We can compare disease with darkness, and Preksha is the light through which one can root out the cause of it.”  

When it comes to our health, at the hint of an ailment, we seek treatment from the best source possible.  But often instead of getting cured, we develop a dependence on medicine.  This is because sometimes medicines do not cure, they merely suppress the symptoms of the illness without addressing the root cause of diseases. For proper treatment of any ailment, it is important to understand that every disease is the manifestation of the imbalance in energy within us.

In Preksha Dhyaan, the approach to providing holistic healing and health stems from the belief that treating the emotional aspects can treat the physical and mental disorders. To this end, Leshya Dhyaan or colour meditation in Prekshaseeks to go beyond the physical manifestation, the body, to where our emotions take birth and shape. The methodology employed here entails the visualization of particular energy centres without attachment or aversion and this can be achieved under direction from a guru who has mastered the techniques and principles of Preksha Dhyaan.

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