Preksha for learners

Preksha For Learners:

Preksha Dhyaan is for everyone. It is easy to incorporate in modern lifestyles.

Preksha Dhyaan is an 8-step meditation technique which begins with the aasanas and ends with contemplative meditation. With a focus on purifying from within, in Preksha there is an emphasis on correcting the energy imbalance to correct disorders and enhance awareness of one’s consciousness, with the ultimate objective being the realisation of one’s true self. Practitioners of Preksha can get rid of negative emotions and bring about a positive transformation to attain peace and harmony.

The art of Preksha Dhyaan can be mastered under the guidance of a guru to reap its full benefits. For Preksha enthusiasts, K.C. Jain’s learners’ program offers 7-day camp every month along with weekday and weekend classes. The course aims to provide a gratifying experience to all participants and the teachers come up with new engaging ways to impact learning and help learners transform their physical, mental and emotional state.


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