Preksha for student

Preksha For Students:

“Channelizing the energy of our youth is the best way to change our society for the better.”

Life of students and children these days is challenging. They have performance pressures in school and are thrown into a world of competition at a tender age. Parents, in their efforts to make life easier for their school going children, put a lot of pressure on academic and social performance. In their mid and late teens, children are expected to take decisions which will set the course of their life. That, in a world that is changing faster than ever before. 

Students have lots of energy, which needs to be channelized for their growth and also the growth of the society.  Preksha Dhyaan, with its basis in science, can help students to manage their energy and thoughts better. They learn to handle stress and excel in their chosen fields.

Mastering the art of Preksha Dhyaan can help students improve concentration and mindfulness and retain better. Learning the correct methods of Preksha Dhyaan under the guidance of a guru can help students understand their strengths and work on their weaknesses, get rid of the distractions and focus better on areas they have difficulty in. With the continued practice of Preksha, young students will find that their mind becomes more conscious, enhancing awareness and perception of knowledge. They will soon find themselves being able to gain clarity on subjects they found previously difficult to concentrate on and also focus on gaining knowledge through understanding of concepts instead of mere rote learning which restricts their holistic growth as individuals.



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