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Mr. K.C Jain is a man of great conviction; his extensive knowledge of cognitive science, history and philosophy is evident in his arguments. While he never fails to crowd with his captivating thought, one can often find him iterating that “every problem has a solution within, we just need to recognise it, but in the ultimate analysis, it’s your call”. As a Preksha Master, Mr Jain wants to share the secret of Preksha Dhyana to the world and spread awareness on how to achieve harmony between the soul and the body.

From this mission, stems his vision of Preksha Dhyana at Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra where he aims to apprise people with the benefits of Yoga and Meditation to make joy and peace a constant companion.

Through Preksha Dhyana, Mr. Jain wants to preserve, protect and perpetuate the work of Lord Mahavira, rediscovered by his Holiness Acharya Shree Tulsi and Acharya Shree Maha Pragya and present a unique way of looking at the world, so as to embark on a new line of thought by marrying science with spirituality.

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Mr. Jain is one of the ardent exponents of Jain thought in India. He firmly believes that the benefit of Preksha Dhyana should be accessible to everyone without pushing them through the clutches of any doctrine. Never been a Preksha master so famous and talked about as Mr. Jain, and he is often seen addressing both large audiences and individuals. His concepts are elementary and people are often shook or taken over by curiosity after a few minutes of interaction with him.

If we call out for a comparison, Mr. Jain is the epitome of that elusive wisdom that has been the trademark of every great master who has ever existed. Mr. Jain is a fascinating witness to our time – to know him is an experience, to understand him is wisdom.

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